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3 Reasons to Exchange Love Letters on Your Wedding Day

May 8, 2017

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As we are well into this year’s wedding season, we would like to briefly discuss a few reasons why a letter exchange can be a heartfelt instance that adds extra significance to your wedding! We fully understand that letter writing nowadays may feel slightly old-fashioned to some folks, but we promise it is totally worth getting a little ink on your hands (especially for lefties).

A Timeless Treasure

Handwritten love letters will never go out of style, but they are definitely few and far between these days in the age of social media, text messages and emails! So, what better occasion than on your wedding day, when you are officially professing your love for one another, to spend a bit of time expressing why you love each other while also reflecting on how you arrived to this life-changing day! Preserve your own love story in your own words. Not only will it matter to you to read it on your big day, but it will mean even more to read later as your love for each other further blossoms during married life.

groom reads letter

A Quiet Moment

Often times, wedding days are hectic and they blaze by so fast! This is why it’s worth it to plan to stop for an intimate moment, and read a tender letter from your soon-to-be life partner. You have to, as the saying goes, “Stop and smell the roses!” In our experience creating wedding films, all the butterflies, and dare we say ‘stress’ of the day, dissipates when couples build time into the itinerary to go off and get into a private headspace. Just as your partner is usually the one who calms you down best, to be able to read their words to you will make those butterflies instantly cease, and get your soul ready to finally hear “I do.”

bride reads letter

A Great Video

To speak the words written for you out loud, whether you read the letter in front of your wedding party, or in a quiet area of your prep location (either way, you’ll barely notice us filming you!), elevates the quality of your wedding film and enhances your overall memories. This is especially true if you are not writing custom vows to each other. For example, consider your favorite movies…one effective storytelling aspect of your favorite movies probably involves narration or voiceover from the main character(s), which connects the viewer in a deeper and more personal way, as it offers a direct glimpse into their thought process and feelings.

Imagine reliving the sensory details of your letter exchange from this once-in-a-lifetime day edited into your wedding film, authentically shaping your love story. Being able to see it and hear it on video as often as you want, will cement a more vivid and everlasting memory of each sentence, of each pause, of each raw emotion. Needless to say, our favorite wedding films to produce usually include a unique letter exchange between the couple!

bride reading letter

So, at some point in between running around cake tasting, dress shopping, and flower picking, grab a comfortable seat and put pen to paper for the person you love! Maybe even pick up some special stationary to write it on. Think back carefully on your journey as a couple and the romance you have shared together from the first moment you met, up till present day, even glimpsing toward the future, and just let the words flow! You can be candid, you can be short and sweet, you can be funny–there are no set rules to play by. All that is required is that you stay true to what you feel in your heart. Strange as this next part may sound, you’re only getting married to this person one time! You both deserve to shower affection on each other through the written word. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain from a letter exchange experience!!

To see and hear how we interweave love letter audio into Highlight Films, check out these two classic and fun New England weddings from last season:



  1. Rebecca

    May 10th, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    Great reasons, and it will be a timeless momento!

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