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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

October 24, 2017

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Time and time again, when couples reflect back on their wedding day, they come to one of two thoughts: either they’re so glad they invested in a wedding videographer OR they really regret that they didn’t. Once it happens, there’s no going back, and even people with the best memory will always want some way to reexperience key elements of this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. With that in mind, we’ve come up with five great reasons why hiring a professional videographer is an absolute wedding planning must!

1) #Priorities

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The number one priority after your wedding is being able to remember it all. You’re planning the wedding of your dreams, and once your big day comes, it flies by faster than you can imagine! Having stunning still images thanks to your amazing photographer is a good start, and a timeless wedding video will preserve not only your sights, but also the sounds of your amazing day. Seeing things unfold in motion in combination with being able to hear back the words spoken during your treasured moments, moments that can’t be done over again, has a different effect than still photos alone. A good wedding film engages you on a gut level and solidifies your wedding as more than just an event. It’s a true celebration of your marriage for many years to come.

2) Legacy

Besides preserving the glory of your wedding for yourselves,  a wedding video can function as the perfect digital heirloom for your children, grandchildren, and beyond, to fully appreciate your love story. How amazing would it be for you to be able to watch your great grandparents’ wedding, have video proof of their beautiful love for each other, get to glimpse into a previous era, and perhaps even get inspiration for your own wedding?

With today’s technology, there’s no reason not to give your future generations the opportunity to go back in time and relive the romance. Your posterity can witness your vows and will be able to enjoy, laugh, and even cry along as they watch the meaningful toasts made by your loved ones. Hiring a wedding videographer to capture the voices and mannerisms of your family members and friends is especially meaningful because unfortunately some of our closest people won’t always be here with us. You cannot put a price on this luxury.

3) Leave it to the Professionals

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Hiring professionals who not only know how to work a camera, but professionals who will take charge of any situation that arises, will ensure your guests can enjoy themselves fully as guests. While Uncle Bob might want to capture a home video version on his mobile device, by investing in devoted wedding videographers instead, you know you’ll receive a polished product, not shaky angles of cellphone video with even worse audio (doesn’t it stink when you try to watch a video but can barely hear what’s happening?).

Couples sometimes decide to have an “unplugged” ceremony, with guests safely tucking away all electronics, so that when you look out at your invitees, your eyes won’t be met with a sea of gadgets rather than their smiling faces. Professional videographers also know how to edit your day into an emotionally moving film, often synced to a meaningful soundtrack that helps build up all the right moments. Refeel all the joyful anticipation and the tears and chuckles, just as you did on your big day, but now from crisp high-definition vantage points!

4) Don’t Miss A Thing


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When you watch your wedding film, you will be surprised by parts of your wedding you might have personally missed. For example, the groom will be able to see how giddy the bride was during prep while he and his buddies were drinking beers and having a good laugh. You’ll see your grandparents’ expressions right before the ceremony starts and as you share your vows to each other. You’ll see your parent’s proud, teary faces as you shared your first dance together, and you may even catch some of your guests’ crazy but impressive dance moves! While you might feel nervous or shy to be on camera, most brides say they didn’t even notice their videographers for most of, if not, the whole time! A professional wedding filmmaker will film quietly and discretely, only butting their head in when it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

Speaking of missing out–a wedding film is perfect for family and friends who weren’t able to attend your wedding in-person for whatever reason that may be. Most videographers nowadays make their films available online via a shareable link such as YouTube and Facebook, which allows your loved ones both near and far to feel like they didn’t miss a thing. That being said, even for witnesses who do get to show up on your big day, they get so much joy out of being able to watch it all in a cinematic film later on!

5) Creative Suggestions

Your videographer will be able to work with your wedding planner, photographer, DJ/live band, and any of your other wedding vendors to suggest incorporating (and how to incorporate) extra meaningful moments into the schedule and flow of your big day. For example, things that will mean a lot to you later, and that will help contribute to a unique keepsake wedding film include: letter exchanges/gift swaps, first looks (with your spouse-to-be or even just your loving parents), flattering lighting anywhere important action takes place, or just a bit of romantic, candid alone time for you both as a now-married couple, silhouetted against a heavenly sunset. A dedicated videography team will encourage you to plan on doing these fun and special suggestions so as to maximize the opportunities for a truly memorable wedding. Want to incorporate a choreographed dance or extra special getaway? Your videographers would love to help you capture these personal touches that make it all come alive!

Throughout the planning process, you will be visualizing every single aspect of your upcoming wedding. Once it’s here, everything is so beautiful, but it really is hard to soak in every detail like you should. This is why we encourage our couples to think beyond their wedding, at what they are going to have after it blazes by.

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