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A New Chapter: Cinema Jubilee

January 28, 2017

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Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out CinemaJubilee.com! In this first blog post, we will be discussing the reason behind our name, this new website, and our new company! Also on the agenda will be an explanation of our origin and our parent company, Line Cut Productions (LCP). Throughout this entry, you will hear about our upcoming move to Georgia, as we are currently living in Allston, Massachusetts, but we will be relocating to Lawrenceville in just over three weeks’ time!! Finally, we will touch upon some ideas for the future content of upcoming blogs. Hopefully you all enjoy, and are encouraged to engage!

cinema jubilee logo

Special thanks to Michaela Fox (@logodesign_fox on Instagram) for our logo!

Why did we choose the name Cinema Jubilee? We wanted a name under which to craft wedding films that was a little more refined, a name that conveyed celebration and just general happiness. With our circular logo, the ‘Jubilee’ is a celebration that’s ongoing, a celebration you come back to and joyously relive in the form of a high-art wedding film. And the word ‘Cinema’ we felt was better than using ‘Productions’ or ‘Media’. It was the best word to indicate professional filmmaking because, by definition, it is the production of movies as an art or industry.

So barely a week into 2017, we fooled around with what our new name might sound like. We wanted it to sound joyous and elegant. It had to be memorable and easy to pronounce. A name that rolls off the tongue: Cinema Jubilee. We wanted it to be an uplifting and unique name, but also simple enough that it wouldn’t be confused over the phone or something like that. 🙂

Some Background

When we launched LCP in May of 2015, from a business perspective, we didn’t know necessarily that we were going to enjoy filming weddings as much as we do now. It’s not at all that LCP is dissolved, but rather, Cinema Jubilee is a new path for us. A new chapter in our wedding filmmaking adventures and ambitions.

Looking back briefly on the past two years, LCP was trying to be too many things at once in its branding and marketing approach. We think one of the greatest lessons that we’re still learning in life is that simple is better. We thought we wanted to also make all these documentaries, as well as music videos, real estate videos, product photography, pet photography…pretty much all these different ideas at once!!

It was extremely hard for us to realize that we had to reorganize, and essentially launch a new company. That’s really what the whole month of January 2017 has consisted of: a reorganization and reassessment of our wedding filmmaking brand specifically. It’s not really a rebranding of LCP, it’s actually a completely new branding. Cinema Jubilee is closer to our holistic goals in the wedding industry, and is a standalone wedding filmmaking company.

Our Past Work

Having said all that, the successes we had with LCP were seminal to the launch of Cinema Jubilee. For example, we made waves many times under our old name. We produced the award-winning short video “Bruce,” shot back in June 2015, that by now has nearly 7,000 views on CreativeFuture’s YouTube channel. This was the first notable achievement that year.

Then as time went on, we turned our cameras toward many of the wonderful pets we were watching through Rover. Chief among these was Mr. Benny himself, the World’s Cutest Dachshund. If you need some dog therapy, Benny will certainly take care of you with his other amusing videos!!

In addition to all this, in 2016 several images we posted to our LCP Instagram feed were featured by big accounts in Boston. So luckily our name was slowly but surely getting out there…then again, it kept coming back to our name. For most of 2016, we kept asking ourselves, “Is Line Cut Productions really a good name for the kind of work we are putting out, and the kind of work we want to put out in the future? Will it be a respectable name and brand for producing wedding films?”

dachshund on the charles river in boston

Mr. March himself!


We are happy to acknowledge our other notable highlights under LCP: such as a picture of Benny making the cut for the Boston Esplanade Association’s 2017 Dogs of the Esplanade Calendar, and all the fun we had writing a couple blogs about the “best coffee and donuts in Boston”.

But there was a level of quality in the wedding films that we were producing under LCP that begged for a distinct image and company to be associated with them. Cinema Jubilee is therefore the best avenue toward better brand recognition for our wedding films, in addition to a better wedding cinema experience for prospective clients. With our move to an entirely new part of the United States of America, we hope to stand out in the Atlanta market and beyond by delivering tremendous value to couples who decide to invest in a wedding cinema experience unlike any other.

The Future

Our new name is a clean slate as we prepare ourselves to move just over a thousand miles away. Through prayer and open discussion with each other, we know that Cinema Jubilee is a positive step bringing us closer to success in our new state of Georgia. We’re so excited for it all!

Leaving Boston will be difficult because we love it here. Boston will always be one of our homes. It’s where we met, it’s where we went to school and it’s where we first got our hands dirty in this business. Boston and the rest of New England, especially Rhode Island where Abraham grew up and where his family currently still resides, will be fondly remembered. There is always the New England destination wedding sure to happen…Cape Cod anyone??

In the pipeline, to get a bit more specific, we plan on writing up a blog for every wedding. Other great blog material we’ve brainstormed includes entries on how to maximize your wedding cinema experience and other helpful wedding videography tips/tidbits!

view from stone mountain

Can’t wait for another hike up Stone Mountain when it’s not about to start downpouring like the last time we were there!

We also want to tell you about all the cool new people we meet down South. We’re looking forward to meeting with many vendors, surveying amazing venues and getting a general lay of the land in Georgia. All of these connections we make in the coming months are going to ultimately be the people we want to recommend to our future clients. If we can develop strong relationships from the get-go with new photographers, DJs, live bands, wedding planners, venue management, officiants and everyone in between, we will all definitely boost each other up!!

In Closing

We hope that these blogs will be concise, informative, engaging, and most importantly, interactive. We’re going to have our comments section open down below so anybody who is interested can leave their remarks and general feedback. WE WILL REPLY!! <3

Please connect with us on social media as well: ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow on Instagram and on Pinterest. This is the best way to stay up to date with our goings-on and where you will first hear about our great giveaways, discounts, and other wedding cinema promos that are sure to knock your socks off! As you can tell, we’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes here, so stay tuned! Thank you.

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