Abraham & Daniella

It all started with snow angels on Boston's Bay State Rd. 

Daniella was a senior at Boston University studying Anthropology. Abraham was a junior studying Film & TV. We had already been friends for about a year. Totally unaware of how much God would bless us in the years to come. 

After college, we lived together in Boston running our first business. Of all things: a pet-sitting service. Consistently rated as five-star sitters, it got to the point where we watched multiple dogs. At the same time... In our one-bedroom apartment... 

If you were to ask if our lease allowed any dogs in our building, we'd have to say, "Technically, no." Our clients needed us though!! 

Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? But pet-sitting brought us tremendous joy. And a serious passion for serving others.

Each dog became part of our family. We believed in the services we provided. And we've never been ones to shy away from our convictions. Raise your hand if you know what we're talking about!!

Called by God to take a leap of faith, we felt the need to relocate to Georgia. All Abraham had ever known was life in New England. Meanwhile, Daniella had family down south.

Were we nervous? Uncertain of what the future would hold? Honestly, who wouldn't be, right? 

But, when we considered the family-oriented culture of southern weddings mixed with our New England wedding experiences, we could not stop thinking about the potential of the stories we could tell. The amazing couples we could meet. Sticking to what we already knew instead of exploring the unknown no longer suited us. You know?

We're proud to say we produce Story-First Films because your wedding memories deserve to be celebrated forever. Nothing compares to hearing that our work exceeds expectations

How would we have guessed while we were making those snow angels, carefree as could be, that any of this would be possible? We really try not taking any of this for granted. Because our journey so far has been nothing short of a blast!!

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Get to know

Photo by: Lauren Dobish Photography

She has parlayed her creative pursuits into her own graphic design business where she works closely with other businesses to make sure their branding assets are on point!

fact 3:

She loves drinking her iced caramel macchiatos, but never more than once per day. Moderation matters.

fact 2:

Daniella's sister (younger, but taller), she has been our assistant on many of the films we've created here in Georgia! She's always willing to crush whatever task we throw at her!

fact 1:

Meet Our Team

curly leo


curlier leo


our most loyal chica


Can often be found baking late or listening to her favorite podcasts: Goal Digger, Brands that Book, and The Brendon Show. Knowledge is power!

fact 3:

Rescue dogs are her biggest weakness. Will often quote Ghandi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” Naturally, she made Abraham a dog protector too.

fact 2:

A recovering perfectionist, she keeps the Cinema Jubilee ship on track with her bullet journal in tow and color-coordinated daily tasks and weekly goals.

fact 1:

He can be a tad obsessive...to the point where he once owned 40 pairs of sneakers! Now, he sees the value of simplicity and has poured his obsessive nature into his films and other content creation.

fact 3:

A former asthmatic, he overcame his intense seasonal allergies through weight lifting and basketball, eventually loosing 100 pounds in college.

fact 2:

His creativity was sparked by the popular Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z and for years after watching it, he would sketch all the characters in great detail. His drawings rivaled the quality of the show itself.

fact 1:


Doesn't matter what time of the day it is, we're always down for some caffeine! Our preferred brews are French Press or a double shot of Espresso, with a teaspoon of brown sugar at the bottom of the glass. You won't catch us consuming pre-ground coffee...unless there are no other options around!

we, too, enjoy the world's most popular beverage...but even more so when it's prepared and enjoyed at home!

New England

Daniella and Abraham met and fell in love in Boston (Abraham grew up in Rhode Island). From the amazing mountains of New Hampshire (ask us about Mt. Tecumseh), to the yummy restaurants of Portland, Maine, to the cute town of Rockport, Mass, we always find ourselves reminiscing about it! With Abraham's family still living there, we try to visit AT LEAST twice a year. And those autumn colors sure are hard to beat :)

though we now live in Georgia, we're always up for adventures in New england!


Daniella's family dog, Niki, showed up as a stray puppy who had to prove she wouldn't be a KILLER ;) 13 years later, Niki is strong as ever! Niki was actually the first dog who reversed Abraham's fear of canines. Ever since then, Abraham has been an ally to the dogs, and we currently live with three rescues (named Niki, Picco, & Diana). We firmly believe every animal deserves a forever home #adoptdontshop

As you've already read, we used to run a pet-sitting business...suffice to say, we love our co-species

Costa Rica

Prior to August 2018, Abraham had never journeyed outside the US. What we experienced together while traveling in Costa Rica (Daniella hadn't been back in seven years), was nothing short of eye-opening and super grounding. It reinvigorated our work ethic and refined the vision of our business. Costa Rica will no doubt play a prominent role in our future together!

The country of Daniella's birth, the Pure life is one we'll always aspire toward


While we're not professional bakers by any stretch of the imagination (we know and respect our limits #selfawareness), we still get so much joy out of late night baking sessions. In fact, you'll probably see a baking-related IG story here and there...Let's just say our sweet teeth have never led us astray!

if it's on pinterest, and looks even remotely yummy, we're gonna give it a go!


"All the Earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name." Psalm 66:4 
"I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19
"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

"All of creation, singing the same song"

Our Core Values

this is what drives us:

Story First
Earn It
Speak Truth
Seek Light

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