Best Coffee Ever?! | Cafe Naranjo Sun Blessed Costa Rican Coffee | Vlog Review -


Best Coffee Ever?! | Cafe Naranjo Sun Blessed Costa Rican Coffee | Vlog Review

November 6, 2018

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In our first ever Vlog, Abraham breaks down why we miss Sun Blessed Coffee so much, which we sampled during a coffee tour while traveling in Costa Rica. It was lovingly prepared in front of us the old-fashioned way (the water was boiled on a wood stove in a hut). After pouring the water over the coffee, our guide told us to let it sit, and that if we watched closely, we would see how it cakes up, almost like a Molten Lava Cake from Chili’s. Well, it sure did!!

Why We Love Cafe Naranjo Sun Blessed So Much

Not only that, but even the Sun Blessed beans we took home with us from the tour produced a similarly delicious cake-like effect and super intense aroma when we ground it up to consume in our Bodum French Press. Even as the coffee cools down, it almost becomes tastier and more aromatic. The fruity tones really come out, and it’s not an overly strong coffee nor is it very light. The balance and consistency of the flavor, from the French Press to the espresso machine, was nothing short of miraculous. With no sharp rebound effect after the caffeine wears off either, you know you’re drinking the good stuff!

Pickles Are Good, But Not When You’re in One!

Suffice to say, with only a third of a 12 ounce Sun Blessed coffee bag left, we are in a serious dilemma. To be running this low on the heavenly Café Naranjo Sun Blessed blend of Costa Rican coffee, is not a good thing at all, especially as we have a ton of editing to do, and coffee really fuels our filmmaking and entrepreneurial pursuits all day long. Starbucks’ Costa Rica blend, Gevalia’s Costa Rica Blend, Caribou’s Costa Rica Blend…they simply won’t do, not when we’ve experienced such yummy, authentic Costa Rican coffee firsthand and fresh from the source. Sorry, not sorry 😉

dogs in a car

Watch the vlog, where Niki, Diana, and Piccolino make their vlog debuts as well.

Good Sips for All

Alas, all good things must come to an end, but we’re wondering if there is a way to be able to drink great coffee here in the United States too. What we have readily available to us just can’t compare to the freshness we know to exist only a mere four-hour plane ride away! So, fellow coffee lovers, let us know: is there a coffee we need to get our hands on? Maybe one of your favorite coffees will get reviewed in another #goodsips coffee vlog 🙂

Let’s elevate the high-quality coffee conversation together. Shouldn’t we all have easy, reliable and appropriately priced access to such a delicious product?



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