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Nautical Elopement at Lake Lanier

January 12, 2018

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bride and groom at their lake elopement

When Lindsay Vaughn of Inspiration Photography by Linds messaged us about possibly participating in another one of her epic styled shoots, needless to say, we immediately said yes!! The theme of this shoot, she said, would be nautical elopement, and it would be filmed at Lake Lanier, Van Pugh South specifically. When we heard this, we knew for sure that we had to join in on the fun as we absolutely love Lake Lanier!

It was wonderful seeing and working with Lindsay again, and so great to meet yet another talented and down-to-earth photographer: Kaitlyn Blake. Working with these two was a breeze, and a true pleasure as we all pushed each other to get our creative juices flowing. As we’ve said before, and have no shame in saying again: having a real life, madly in love couple doesn’t hurt the quality of the film one bit either 😉 Sage and Austen were in such good spirits the whole time, and no amount of frigid wind from the lake could dampen their adorable aura.


Obviously, it is early January right now, and while Lake Lanier is always beautiful to visit, it was a little unnerving to be doing a styled shoot in 20 degree weather. And funny enough, the first styled shoot hosted by Lindsay that we participated in happened during the middle of the summer last year in blazing 95 degrees weather–the complete opposite extreme!! Having said that, the styled shoot at Cherokee Bluffs ended up being one of our favorite films from last year, and we are still proud of it. Honestly, we’ve learned that any kind of adversity, relating to the weather or not, only adds fuel to the creative fire, and helps us to become even more battle tested and produce quality work.


So we bundled up with plenty of layers and resolved to make our first film of 2018 something special and aimed to set the bar high for the rest of this year. Still, there were some noteworthy and amusing hiccups during the shoot…First off, even though you’ll see a drone shot at the end of the Facebook version, when Abraham set up his Mavic at the beginning of the shoot to grab some cool drone footage, he kept getting warning messages on his remote controller about magnetic interference.

Bewildered, he only flew in the air about 50 feet high, and for fewer than five minutes. Trying to figure out the issue, and erring on the side of caution, he let it hover at a safe height without moving over the water, but pointed the gimbal down and decided just to record that at least. If it ended up being a usable shot for the final film, great. If not, whatever, as safety is always the top priority when it comes to drones. But when we began looking at the footage in Premiere Pro, we realized that by utilizing keyframes, we could make the otherwise stationary, super low altitude drone shot, seem like a much cooler shot than it actually was!!

Besides the uncertainty and confusion with why the Mavic didn’t want to fly as it normally does, once the styled shoot began, Abraham kept his GH5 on a gimbal, hoping to grab cinematic shots of Sage and Austen as the waves crashed on the beach with a wide angle lens. However, it was literally so cold that the Rokinon lens he was using froze up!! That is, the geared focus ring had become so cold, it was completely stuck…Abraham overcame this by setting his aperture to f/22, to maximize his depth of field as much as possible. This helped keep most aspects of the frame in focus, and we were for the most part pleased with the results.


But our next hurdle really takes the cake! The short version is: Abraham got his feet submerged in icy water after the sheet of ice on the beach cracked beneath him while he was holding the GH5 on the gimbal. So for the rest of the almost two hours we were there, he had cold feet and wet boots. Daniella was naturally super concerned about it, and Lindsay and Kaitlyn both were very understanding of our temptation to call it quits and go home to warm up and avoid possibly getting sick, or worse, Abraham losing both feet! But if Sage was able to tolerate 20 degree weather in a wedding dress, Abraham in his thick, blue Columbia jacket could tolerate a little freshwater in his Timberlands, right?

“My right foot is actually warmer than my left foot…You know what, my feet are actually fine, I don’t feel cold down there anymore…blah blah blah” he told Daniella between shots. Concerned, she responded: “That’s because your feet are overcompensating. We need to go back home now!” But for some reason, we both decided to stick it out, and we just kept filming.

Good thing we silenced the voice in the back of our minds telling us to throw in the towel, because if we had left at that point, we wouldn’t have gotten 80% of the shots we ended up putting into the final film(s). God protected us, neither of us got sick at all, and we now have an amazing piece of art, with an awesome “war story” behind it. Thank you, Lindsay, for once again trusting us to join another of your styled shoots. You always organize them to be fun and artistically fulfilling!!

Host + Photographer | Inspiration Photography by Linds
Photographer | Kaitlyn Blake Photography
Couple | Sage + Austen Keen
Dress | JJ’
Tux | Michael’s Formalwear
Vows | Scribe Paper Co
Makeup | B. Young Beauty Studio
Crown | Vanilla Hue
Calligraphy | Lush Lettering Company
Cake | Cake Envy
Florals | Southern Grace Enterprises
Music | The Emerson Year
Videography | Cinema Jubilee

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