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A Whole Lot of Firsts: Our First Month in Georgia!

March 31, 2017

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The Move Down

welcome to georgia sign

Made it to the Peach State 🙂

After our first month in Georgia, we thought it would be cool to share some general updates in a new blog entry. First off, we completed our long move from Boston, MA to Lawrenceville, GA within four days. We underestimated how long it would take to load the moving truck, especially with all our recently acquired filmmaking gear, so we had to leave a day later than we originally planned. But it actually worked really well with the weather going down. It was also just safer to extend the driving over that extra day! Safety first, or there is no Cinema Jubilee.

The first hotel was in Budd Lake, New Jersey. There were a lot of Christmas tree farms in that area, who knew?! And then we stayed in some obscure part of Virginia off Interstate-81, where we ate at a Chick-fil-A…mmm…so tasty. Well, that’s how we knew we were in the South because we had access to Chick-fil-A. And then, the next hotel was close to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. From there, we were only 3 hours from Lawrenceville, which is where we are now, part of big old Gwinnett County.

Our First MARTA Ride

Ticas sitting at Centennial Olympic Park

Ticas sitting at Centennial Olympic Park!

When we arrived, Abraham was able to meet some of Daniella’s family, who were visiting from Costa Rica. This was Mama’s (Daniella’s grandmother) third visit to the United States and Tia Flor’s (Daniella’s aunt) first time here. We all decided to take the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) because it would be an interesting experience to ride the subway, and Mama and Tia Flor had yet to get a taste of the city. In comparison to riding Boston’s MBTA, it ended up being surprisingly convenient and relatively easy, but not without a couple hiccups along the way of course! The parking at the MARTA station in Doraville was free, and the trip into the city was a lot quicker than we anticipated. Barely any riders meant we could stretch out a bit with plenty of our own seats.

We got off at the Peachtree Center Transit Station….it was a little crazy…it was hard to know where, for example, elevators were located versus the escalators or stairs. More importantly, it was hard to know what stop was the one one for us to get off at. None of us had ever ridden the MARTA before after all! After frantically plugging the route into Daniella’s phone, we determined Peachtree Center was our best bet just before we got stuck in the wrong place. From where it spit us out, we were pretty close to Centennial Olympic Park, the CNN building, and the ferris wheel, Skyview Atlanta. Everyone enjoyed seeing those sites, and the warm pre-Spring weather meant we all broke out a slight sweat at the end of our brisk walk around the block. We sure don’t miss the Boston snow! To see more from our adventure, and to get a feel for the MARTA as we did, check out our latest Family Memory Film featuring Mama, Tia Flor, Mommy, and us both.

Family is everything. We eagerly await our trip to Costa Rica together one day. To be blessed enough to film destination weddings there would be one of our dreams come true. International wedding filmmakers has a nice ring to it.

Our First Music Video

filming a music video

Behind the scenes of Abraham using his gimbal!

Now, the first weekend we got here, we hadn’t even unpacked most of our stuff. Within a couple days of our arrival, Daniella’s sister, Andrea, had another project for us to work on. So we ended up operating camera and fulfilling post-production needs for an alternative-indie rock, edgy music video featuring a local Atlanta band comprised of talented college students. We were able to take advantage of Andrea’s workplace, a camera and optics rental facility, by using their warehouse and equipment prep area to indulge in several creative setups. Big shoutout to James Frazier, of Kinship Works LLC. He did all the the wonderful lighting in the video. Without his touch, visually speaking, it wouldn’t be as cool as it is. We look forward to producing more music videos with other rising artists! Check it out here and enjoy!!

Our First Expo is Coming Up!

In the closing portion of this blog we just want to touch upon our upcoming opportunity to participate in a bridal expo taking place in Bowdon, Georgia at Wood Lakeside Events on April 9th. It’s a beautiful, rustic barn in Western Georgia, a stone’s throw from the Alabama state line, and about 90 minutes from Atlanta.

cinema jubilee business card

Our gorgeous business cards are from Moo.com and our amazing flyers were designed by Andrea (aryvdamr.com)!

We were just blown away after our preliminary vendors meeting there, not only by the venue and the special land it sits on, but just the whole community in that part of Georgia. It’s a lot different than anything here in the Metro Atlanta area. Wood Lakeside Events, with its private body of water, impressive pines all around, and cute little ducks roaming the grounds, is mysteriously nestled in the breathtaking open spaces yet thick woods and sprawling farm parcels of Bowdon. We perceive we’re going to meet a lot of great couples at the upcoming expo, and would be honored to film many wonderful weddings at Wood Lakeside Events this year. It’s definitely worth the drive over from our neck of the woods.

If you are a couple in Georgia or Alabama, or anywhere else, and you’re looking for a unique, dynamically Southern, rustic and country-chic barn venue, you should definitely come check it out during the April 9th expo. Wood Lakeside Events will be set up as a real wedding would be, with the ceremony overlooking their gorgeous water, so you can get a feel for what your wedding there could look like. You’ll be eligible to enter many raffles and giveaways, and there will be about 25 other wedding vendors to meet besides us! There will also be a fashion show featuring wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses and handsome tuxes hosted by Simple Elegance Bridal and Formalwear.

That’s right, it won’t be just us–if you feel like knocking out the planning of your whole wedding day in one go, then this is the expo you’ll want to attend! Tickets are free, you can bring your family and friends–all decision makers are encouraged to come. It’s going to be a great time, as Mariah Caitlin Events and Margaret and Dean Wood are planning a stunning expo with much attention to detail. From cake bakers, to photographers, to event planners, pretty much every aspect of your big day can be covered by attending on April 9th, from 1-5pm at Wood Lakeside Events. You can’t beat free…we’re not free, but this is. 🙂

Our First Drone

Backyard drone selfie with our logo canvas!

Moving forward, we finally have a DJI Mavic Pro in our possession, the first drone in our aerial arsenal. This has been a year-long dream finally realized, and now we can to take to the skies for cinematic bold looks of down below. Thankfully, we also have DJI Care which is a good thing to invest in because we don’t want to crash. But if we do, at least we’re covered. Aspiring drone operators, don’t skimp on that! We plan on capturing exciting drone footage of the Wood Lakeside Events venue specifically, so people can better see from above how awesome it is. Keep an eye out for that, as well as other engaging bird’s eye views of stunning Georgia localities!

Ok, everyone, that’s all for now. We have to sip our new favorite snack: Cafe au lait. Cheers, ya’ll!

dogs sitting on a trampoline

Bonus pic: you always gotta have dogs around.


  1. Helen Shepley

    April 3rd, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    So enjoyed reading about your next chapter in your life!
    Can’t wait to see pictures and updates from wedding expo!

  2. Daniella Young

    April 22nd, 2017 at 3:23 am

    Thank you so much Memmy!

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