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November 2, 2017




In today’s society, most people can’t live without their mobile device(s). We somehow “lose” them while they’re actually in our hands, and all forms of social media are seemingly a constant, integral part of our day-to-day existence. But for your wedding ceremony, we’ve got three great reasons why you’ll want to encourage your guests to “unplug” and keep those electronics tucked away!

3 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Ceremony

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January 28, 2017


Atlanta Weddings, Business Tips, Commercial


Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out! In this first blog post, we will be discussing the reason behind our name, this new website, and our new company! Also on the agenda will be an explanation of our origin and our parent company, Line Cut Productions (LCP). Throughout this entry, you will hear about our upcoming move to Georgia, as we are currently living in Allston, Massachusetts, but we will be relocating to Lawrenceville in just over three weeks’ time!! Finally, we will touch upon some ideas for the future content of upcoming blogs. Hopefully you all enjoy, and are encouraged to engage!

A New Chapter: Cinema Jubilee


When it comes to preserving the memories of the biggest day of your life, you'll want to be sure you're choosing people you can trust! With that in mind, we've put together a list of eight things you'll want to consider as you're weighing your options.

8 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cinematographer


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