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3 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Ceremony

November 2, 2017

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In today’s society, most people can’t live without their mobile device(s). We somehow “lose” them while they’re actually in our hands. All forms of social media are seemingly a constant, integral part of our day-to-day existence. And forget about going anywhere without them! For your wedding ceremony, though, we’ve got three great reasons why you’ll want to encourage your guests to “unplug” and keep those electronics tucked away!

1) Fully Enjoy the Moment

One of the main points of a wedding (besides the celebration and good eats/drinks 😉 ) is to publicly declare your love in front of your dearest family and friends, so they can bear witness to this symbolic declaration of your lifelong intent to each other.

Encourage your guests to be fully present in the moment, not viewing it all through their screens as they photograph and/or film, whether those screens are high resolution or not! Your venue will be decorated with all your personal touches, and you and your sweetheart will look stunning up at the altar. Guests should be enjoying the gorgeous setting you’ve created, immersing themselves in the ambiance of it all. And as you take a moment to look into the crowd and connect with your guests, you’ll want to see their smiling faces, and that’s hard to do if their faces are hidden behind cell phones and tablets!

2) You’ve Hired Professionals

Chances are, you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and cash picking your videographer and photographer. You’ve made sure after due diligence that they’re absolutely the best match for you. You dig their aesthetic style and have every confidence they’ll provide you with breathtaking documentation of your special day and everlasting memories. Along these lines, part of our job as wedding videographers (and we know this is true too of our wedding photographer friends) is to capture your precious moments discreetly, as often as possible.

Though well-meaning, a cellphone or camera-wielding guest can easily block the view of your other guests, or unknowingly get in the way of your professionals’ angles. Some couples are naturals in front of the camera. Others, however, are super anxious to have a bunch of people capturing video and snapping pics all at the same time. Regardless of your comfort level with cameras, it can be a huge relief to only have to worry about the ones being operated by professionals whom you’ve entrusted to paint you in a positive light. Also, depending on the location and time of day of your ceremony, a bunch of flashy or bright screens definitely won’t enhance the quality of your final images! Your wedding isn’t a music concert after all!!

3) Be the first to Share your Photos/Videos

You’ve poured your heart and time into planning a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime celebration: your wedding day. Naturally then, it might be nice having a say-so on the specific images of your day that get shared on social media! If everyone is intent on being a self-appointed videographer/photographer, you as the newlyweds might not appreciate blurry, poorly lit, or even worse, not-so-flattering posts. Let your hired professionals take time, during and after, to carefully capture and edit high quality, artistic videos and photos.

If you wait on the content to be curated and created for you by your pros, you will be able to enjoy them privately for yourselves first, before it all gets shared with the world. This way, too, you will know before it goes online, what exactly will be posted and how your professional images will look, how they will feel. Besides, most likely, the people you wanted to physically witness your wedding were probably already there in person to appreciate it live!

But How?! How can you actually pull off an unplugged ceremony?!

After reading over our three reasons WHY to consider having an unplugged ceremony, you might be wondering just HOW to pull it off in a polite yet direct way. Check out our Pinterest Board made specifically for this topic. There, we have creative suggestions on verbal announcements your officiant can make, as well as cute signage to display at your ceremony entrance, or a simple sentence you can have printed on your programs!

Having said all that, you might be worried that nobody will get to use that clever and cute wedding hashtag you and your partner created. Not to fret! While some brides + grooms choose to go fully unplugged for their whole day, you can still decide to encourage your guests to snap and post away during the reception later. Or at least, after the key reception moments like the toasts and formal dances have already occurred.

Now, enjoy your ceremony to the fullest, knowing you will without a doubt have stunning, professional imagery to prove it all happened, but without some of the stressors associated with our modern technology obsessions.


Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony disrupted by cellular devices? Got any suggestions on how to ask guests to stay unplugged? Let us know below!

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