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We Split Up! Meet Our Commercial Brand: Kalaoun Media

October 23, 2019

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Imagine delaying the inevitable just because you didn’t want to let go of something in order to grow

That’s right, folks. Daniella and I had to say goodbye to a huge part of ourselves so we could take the next step in our business and life.

Once we realized that the next step toward achieving our goals would require doing something we had put off doing for a while, we could no longer keep putting it off.

So, with a heavy heart, I’m publicly announcing on behalf of both of us, that Cinema Jubilee has been split in two…

And we will no longer be filming weddings plus films for business owners UNDER THE SAME BRAND.

Wow, what a relief to finally get that off my chest!

With that said, for business owners who want to grow their business and make deeper impact through the power of video, we’re officially announcing our new company: Kalaoun Media.

You may be asking why, how, when, for what purpose, did we split our company into two separate brands, etc… And I’ll get to your legitimate questions, but first, a lot of the answers can be found in the past, my friends!

(P.S. Just to be clear, Daniella and I didn’t split up on a personal level 😅)

Graphic that says Cinema Jubilee, We Split Up. Meet our new commercial video brand, Kalaoun Media. We're on a mission. Learn more at cinemajubilee.com/blog. 
The Kalaoun Media logo has an orange background with white letters.

Juggling Wedding and Commercial Videography

Over the past couple years, Cinema Jubilee grew in ways that we’d never expected when we originally created it. Specifically, we ended up doing a dozen or so different brand/promotional films for other amazing businesses, like this one and this one. Many of the films we created were for business owners within the local Atlanta wedding industry. So, yes, creating that content under Cinema Jubilee made sense at the time.

Diane Acuna of Acunas Custom Cakes decorates a white cake with pink flowers on her countertop.
We’ve loved working with local wedding professionals, like Diane Acuna!

However, one of the biggest hurdles we faced while providing wedding cinematography and commercial filmmaking had to do with the trickiness of juggling both kinds of distinct clientele at the highest level possible.

For starters, our personalities are such that we are natural perfectionists. (According to the 16 Personalities Myers-Briggs assessment, I’m an INFP and Daniella is an INFJ). And in the world of business, perfectionism is the enemy of progress. “Done is better than perfect,” should be something we get tattooed on our faces…

Anyway, with that said, during the period our commercial filmmaking started to take off in 2018, we kept feeling a nagging desire to create a separate brand. Everything we were feeling instinctually, plus what we noticed other successful video marketing agencies doing, confirmed the inevitable decision we only recently made.

It Had Been Brewing…

I guess it could be said that while Kalaoun Media launched in September 2019, it had been brewing for the past 12–18 months. If not longer than that!

Part of what gave us the final push was putting money where our mouth was. That is, at the end of January, we got word that a course tailored for filmmakers who wanted to sell video marketing in the B2B space was being revamped over the next few months. And in order to get access to the upgraded course content, without paying for the increased price tag, we had to submit a testimonial video and buy the course by a certain date.

We took what remaining cash flow we had from the previous year, prayed to God, and made the investment.

Abraham and Daniella of Cinema Jubilee on Stone Mountain.
A still from the testimonial video of us curly heads


Months later, toward the end of April, we finally got access to the new and improved course and it. blew. us. away. We soon found out we weren’t investing in a course to enhance our craft. We were investing in a transformation of so many aspects of our business model AND our mindsets.

It wasn’t like we dove in to the course blindly due to hype… The course creators have cultivated one of the deepest, most accountable, niched tribes on the internet. In fact, our “instructors” feel more like mentors than rigid teachers. They’ve actually achieved the results they’re helping us achieve, and they’ve replicated that success for hundreds of other filmmakers too.

Actually, I recall telling Daniella in March of 2018, while standing in the kitchen sipping on some steaming hot French press coffee, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just film ten commercial projects this year?”

She nodded, but I could tell there was a gap I had to bridge. We don’t approach our business goals lightly, and we always make sure we’re on the same boat when it comes to the bigger vision.

I asked her what she thought of that. “It’s good,” she said. “But we were supposed to be focusing on weddings right now.”

Well, just as J. Cole says: “Everything grows, it’s destined to change.” And as the year went on, we basically ended up filming ten commercial projects without deliberately going after it. So somehow, my vision panned out.

Some of our commercial work under Cinema Jubilee

Time For Change

As 2018 wound down, we had already been aware of the course I was discussing above. With the momentum we seemed to have creating brand and promotional films for other wedding industry professionals here in Atlanta, suddenly the topic came up again.

“What do you think we’ll do for our commercial side of the business?” Daniella began asking me.

I was pleasantly surprised. “Well, it’s been a good year as far as that stuff goes. We’ve been unexpectedly blessed when it comes to helping other business owners, haven’t we?”

With the conversation now reignited, it truly felt like God was pushing us into this direction to expand our services. But as our desire to do more commercial projects increased, the reality sank in.

“I don’t think we can continue to do it through Cinema Jubilee.” I would sometimes tell her.

However, me making that observation only added to the stress of another HUGE task we’d been dealing with for several months: figuring out how to revamp our website using a template from Davey and Krista.

Ah, websites.

For almost two years, all we’d known when it came to websites was Squarespace. Nothing against Squarespace, but we felt our latest wedding films needed a new home to reflect our quality of work and the brand we’d diligently created. Guess what though? Building the new, sleeker website would have to take place on a completely new platform: Showit.

Needless to say, Showit, robust as it is, was not nearly as intuitive to use as Squarespace. So between editing our wedding films from 2018, and relaunching our website, we didn’t have the mental or emotional bandwidth to even focus on launching a separate commercial brand anyway. This frustrated us greatly.

What was the point of being business owners if we couldn’t execute our other visions? How could we start to achieve our new goals if we had to handle other things first? And were these questions simply excuses we kept telling ourselves to not separate our filmmaking services into two brands sooner?

Check out kalaounmedia.com, which we built on ClickFunnels. A laptop shows the Kalaoun Media homepage

It’s amazing to me: Sometimes, the agony of *thinking* about an inevitable breakup can be worse than the breakup itself…

Besides, it wasn’t just building a new website that was on the back of our minds. Truth be told, despite filming ten commercial projects, they were not all smooth sailing along the way.

We Had Some Fixin’ To Do

We dealt with serious growing pains at the time like contract issues, undercharging for the work we were pouring into the films, and most painful of all: not supporting our clients enough post-delivery.

Yes, we wanted to prove we could do high-quality work outside of just the wedding industry. Yes, we had good equipment and professional skills to deliver a high-quality experience and final product. But we wanted to offer more.

The biggest roadblock was not a lack of time or energy on our part…

It was our inability to communicate our message effectively to the world, and to distribute and implement that message in the right way for maximum impact and results. And the only way to measure impact and track results, is to get a clear picture upfront of what a business owner was succeeding with and what they’re not succeeding with before we help them with video assets.

Graphic that says it's not about pretty videos.

We witnessed this phenomenon firsthand. We would film a pretty video, release it to the world, and never hear about how much it helped the business owner who hired us to do that work. Something had to change, and it had to be us. We couldn’t expect the people who were turning to us for our help, to know what the best practices for implementation of their video assets would be after we delivered the assets to them.

That’s like going to a restaurant, ordering your steak, and the waiter bringing you a raw piece of meat because, “The chef wants you to come cook your steak for yourself.” That’s not a knock-your-socks-off service approach, is it?

Kalaoun Media: A New Approach

Not only that, we started noticing a trend throughout our time of working with other business owners who wanted video: they didn’t necessarily feel comfortable, or had hangups about how they’d come across through this medium. Video was simply super intimidating to them!

When we filmed our Video Business Card for Kalaoun Media, we experienced those fears too. All of a sudden, the tables were turned. In other words, we finally got an opportunity to “purchase from ourselves,” so to speak.

We felt how they felt while getting interviewed.

Being under bright lights with two cameras pointed straight at you is not something you can just do without at least some anxiety. Yes, some people appear to be “naturals” on camera, but for most, it’s tricky to let go and “just be yourself” when being interviewed.

It became clear that our approach to not only the interview process, but our relationships with the business owners we aim to help, needed to be refined. Our relationships needed to be cultivated from a new angle — the ground up.

Let’s Just Talk

This angle would be first and foremost centered around their goals and their vision for their business. Their current sales process. Their analytics, both offline and online. The true, known, measurable metrics of any legitimate B U S I N E S S intending to do better and better each day.

And the only way this can happen is through honest, down-to-earth conversations before we appear on set to film anything.

Besides, to us, an interview is a fancy way of referring to a conversation. If the process of having the conversation, of diving deep and strategizing together happens with clear intentions prior to ever pressing record, when we do get to the interview portion of the process, it’s smooth sailing from there. Because all that needs to be discussed on camera has already been discussed. True connection!

Watch our video business card here.

A New Level of Serving Businesses

The thing is, we could not have arrived at these conclusions without experiencing what we’d experienced through Cinema Jubilee first. It was the perfect training wheels to work out the kinks before taking our commercial projects and process of helping others to the next level.

Honestly, we already have visions of hiring teams to help as many business owners as possible leverage the power of video to help grow their business.

Also, we want to prove that this is not a fluke, just another startup to occupy our time in between filming weddings. Kalaoun Media deserves to exist on its own and so does Cinema Jubilee. Separate, but equal.

Giving It All We’ve Got

Since launching, our mental RAM feels less laggy. It truly has revolutionized how we structure our days and schedule out our tasks. No longer do we have to feel guilty for focusing on both types of services under one brand. It may seem like a stretch, but less personal guilt means we have more to give to the world.

Our biggest lesson over the past 12 months has been that you should never be a slave to your business. We shouldn’t have to be the only ones filming our clients; if it is just us, then our impact diminishes to the extent we’re physically able to serve others!

a man holding a lumix gh5

We want our clients to truly leverage the power of video to help grow their business. We’ve already invested in further education so we can begin implementing online systems that create new streams of income and automate the systems of any type of business. That’s a conversation for another time though…

In the meantime, we’re going to be hyper-focused on developing new relationships with business owners outside just the wedding industry. This will require cold outreach through social media, email, even phone calls. To be frank, that’s sort of intimidating. As mentioned already, we’re “introverts” but we didn’t start this new venture to sit idly by and wait for opportunities. We’re gonna create them!

To do this, though, we’re only ever seeking two-three clients per month. We’ll probably go on more coffee and lunch dates than ever before, but ultimately we know what we offer will not be a one-size-fits-all type of service.

We’re not simply offering pretty videos. And we’re not even offering good stories. We’re making sure you’re getting results only after fully understanding how the right video assets can fit into your business — not sit on YouTube, “looking good,” with zero calls-to-action…

So Much Opportunity

Finally, let me just say, the greatest benefit we have received as part of this massive transformation and splitting of our brands has been stepping into the A B U N D A N C E mindset.

The truth is, there is so much possibility out there, we no longer pay attention to what our “competition” is doing. We see now that they have to do what they feel called to do. That’s what we’re doing too!

Never has it felt so sweet to be this comfortable in our skin — to step into our roles as results-driven Video Strategists.

If you take one thing away from what I’ve written, please remember this: Perfect doesn’t exist. Not by a long shot. Anyone trying to sell you otherwise, needs to put their money where their mouth is…

Thank You!

If you’ve read to the end, we thank you! We couldn’t have grown Cinema Jubilee to its current level without the support of you all, our dear friends and clients. We’re so excited to continue serving our Cinema Jubilee couples with story-first wedding films.

If you’re interested in our new journey of building strategic video assets for businesses to increase their impact, we also invite you to connect with our new brand, Kalaoun Media.

Let us know in the comments below, have you made (or are you thinking about making) a big structural change in your business?

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