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Why We Love Dubsado & How it Helps Run Our Wedding Videography Business

March 1, 2019

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Today we’re sharing a few reasons why we’re in love with our client management system, Dubsado*, which just turned three years old! Simply put, Dubsado gives us more time to work on our business, not in our business. For us as wedding and commercial filmmakers, this means more time creating and less time doing paperwork!

*Note: This post includes affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission or credit if you sign up for Dubsado. Endorsements are honest and we really love Dubs!

Everything We Need, All in One Place

From sending out proposals to e-signing contracts and collecting payments, Dubsado is truly a one-stop shop. Gone are the days of needing several different online accounts to run the ins and outs of our business. Especially as small business owners with a two-person team, having so much of our back end automated is a lifesaver! Systems baby!

Dubsado allows you to create, store, and send all sorts of templates and canned emails. The all-in-one tool also schedules appointments, has a time tracker, syncs to Apple or Google Cal, and integrates with many outside programs!

As a service-based business, we have multiple packages (and add-ons galore) that clients can choose from. Not only does Dubsado make this easy to share with our prospects, but we’re able to design proposals that LOOK beautiful too! Customization options are endless and we’ve been able to seamlessly incorporate our brand style. We’re even able to embed or link to video samples of our work too!

Dubsado’s ability to set up recurring invoices and their integration with Stripe, Square, and PayPal makes getting paid easy. 

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Capture Leads and Manage Clients–Handsfree

Setting up workflows in Dubsado means we can customize exactly how our clients are processed, and do so automatically. So whether we’re on the job at a wedding or fast asleep on our pillows, we can trust that our leads are being onboarded carefully without us actually doing the work or having a secretary do it for us!

A simple embed allows us our inquiry forms to live directly on our website. As soon as a prospect submits our form, they’re greeted with a welcome email that includes an introductory PDF and informs them of next steps.

Once they’re booked, our workflows automatically send any necessary follow-ups, such as payment reminders, a Wedding Cinema Questionnaire a few weeks ahead of their wedding, and a testimonial request once their films are delivered. It’s really that simple! Instead of spending time writing and sending repeat emails for each step and for each client, these emails and forms are stored safely in Dubsado and Dubs handles it for us!  

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

If “automatic” makes you think “robotic”, fear not! Our ability to personalize virtually every aspect of Dubsado allows our clients to always feel like they’re interacting with Cinema Jubilee, not a third party software. Incorporating our brand style, logo, fonts, colors, and imagery seamlessly integrates the CMS into our business. If anything, we feel Dubs builds upon our brand!

Dubsado’s code block feature allows us to embed our films, tutorial videos, and custom thank you videos directly into proposals and questionnaires. As a visual business that specializes in storytelling, this is key for us.

Dubs’ ability to schedule appointments, sync with our calendars and send us reminders also helps keep us on track! Besides calendars and payment processing, there are tons of other integrations, like Quickbooks and Zapier, that take the customizing to such great heights even beyond this platform.

Client Experience For The Win!

It means SO much to us that our couples’ experience is simple, straight-forward, and beautiful, the entire time they’re working with us–from first visiting our website to final delivery of their films. Dubsado is an integral part of that process!

Dubsado’s white labeling feature allows all forms, contracts, and invoices to come straight from our domain. And having Dubs connected to our Gmail account means that communication is always direct.

Once our clients make their selections, they are able to review and e-sign our contract and make their first payment, all on one tab in their browser!! Time after time we are complimented on how easy our booking process is. #LittleVictories like these mean so much! We love how Dubsado allows us to serve our clients better!

Bonus: Check out our favorite source for creative business contracts here.


Superb Customer Service

What you need to know about Dubsado is that it started with a husband and wife team with a dream. At their three year birthday, Dubs has grown into arguably the best CRM out there for creative small businesses. We’re confident Becca and Jake will always keep the Dubs family values strong, with customer service being first and foremost.

We’ve honestly never encountered a company with such great customer service! Whether it’s a question you email in or ask via their chat box, the Dubs team will take care of you! And usually super quickly! There’s no such thing as a stupid question with Dubs and you’ll never feel alone.

Besides their customer service team, Dubsado has fostered an amazing community group on Facebook that has also been such a valuable resource to us. From basic questions to design inspiration, we love reading what the community is talking about and connecting with other users! Definitely check it out to see other user’s experiences as well!




Full disclosure: we’ll get a small referral fee with this code, but believe us, we wouldn’t spend the time to share how much we love Dubs unless we weren’t literally obsessed with it! We couldn’t run our business without it!

LOOKING FOR HELP TO GET YOUR DUBS SET UP? We recommend The Vary Creatives!


Did you enjoy this blog post? We’re looking forward to sharing more Dubsado insight and tips, so if you have any questions, let us know below!

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