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Wood Lakeside Events 1st Annual Expofect in West Georgia

April 12, 2017

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Exquisite EXPO DAY 🙂

This past Sunday we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a bridal expo at Wood Lakeside Events in pristine Bowdon, GA! It was such a pretty spring day, especially with Mariah Caitlin Events‘ amazing attention to detail!

The open-air barn was gorgeously set up for about 28 vendors, all with their wares and services on display. Many of us managed to incorporate a rustic theme into our tables to complement the venue itself. The first 50 bride-to-be’s who arrived were even able to snag swag-bags filled with vendor-provided treats. For us, we decided to include movie theater butter popcorn bags wrapped in our informational flyer! Who doesn’t love popcorn for stay-at-home date nights (thank God for Netflix, eh)?!



A few caterers and bakers provided samples of their signature dishes and desserts. Brides and their friends also enjoyed WLE’s signature alcoholic drinks, “Shot-Gun Wedding” and “Run-Away Bride.” No drinking on the job for us, but as the sun rose up high in the sky, we were definitely tempted to try some! West Georgia DJ emceed the event, announcing winners of vendor-supplied raffle prizes every half hour or so (for the raffle prize we provided it was another movie-related item: a $25 AMC gift card). The day also included a bridal fashion show by Simple Elegance and entertaining live music from Southern City Lights Band. A lucky someone even had the chance to catch a beautiful bouquet after the mock ceremony and bridal show was over!


Welcome to OUR TABLE!

With our table, we aimed to offer an inviting space where brides could get a sense of our own style and creative flair. We sat our monitor atop an apple crate with a metal ‘Love’ sign wrapped in LED lights to create a fun drop shadow element inside the crate. The monitor was necessary to optimize the viewing potential of our films and we provided (two) headphones for a more intimate experience. We wanted people to be able to key into the fine soundscapes of our films too. Our handmade logo canvas balanced out the other side of the table. To really tie things together and cohere with the theme of the day, we opted for a wild fern as our centerpiece!

Straightforward is key, so we framed simple instructions on how the couples we met could enter to win a free Love Story/Save-the-Date film. As part of the entry rules, they were required to follow us on social media, which killed two birds with one stone…luckily no animals were hurt on this day. We also advertised our free Drone Add-On for couples who booked with us by April 25th as a way to really sweeten the springtime wedding cinema experience!

ARYVDAMR Productions worked closely with us in the weeks leading up to the expo to create our lovely 8in. x 4in. flyers and framed Love Story giveaway instructions! All the colors we used played off each element on the table in a way beyond our original expectations. Of course, we had to accent our table with fresh white lilies and cute candles. Trivia time: during the process of choosing our logo, a big source of inspiration was a logo that could replicate the emotions white lilies evoke in us! After guests dropped in their Love Story entry ballots, they were encouraged to grab a handful of oh-so-yummy Easter Hershey’s Kisses! (…Ahem, Abraham finished the leftover Kisses within a few days, Ahem…)


As an act of good faith, we were able to produce a high-flying (pun intended) drone video of their Southern chic venue on its remote and sprawling land! The goal of the video was to highlight the finer attractions and details of the Wood Lakeside Events property. We tried to emphasize their sparkling body of water and the verdant, full-bodied Georgia pine trees surrounding the barn. Other features we tried to incorporate only appear in the video through sheer luck: that is, the appearance of the amazingly hospitable Ms. Bambi. She’s the deer who peeks her head out during the film’s opening shots! In between takes, Bambi came up to both of us and bestowed numerous warm kisses. She was utterly unperturbed by the piercing sounds emanating from the DJI Mavic Pro as it hovered nearby. What a polite and patient star!

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